Welcome to our design studio and showroom in Bregenz, 1/10

Quilting stitches done by Vesna Malokas, 2/10

Making a quilt requires meticulous handiwork, 3/10

Quilting stitches done by Emina Hošo, 4/10

In Goražde 2013, 5/10

Outside the refugee hostel 1994 (photo: Nikolaus Walter), 6/10

The beginnings, around 1994 (photo: Nikolaus Walter), 7/10

An exhibition 2012, 8/10

At home in Graz, 9/10

At home in Bregenz, 10/10

Bosna Quilts

are testimonies of cooperation between women from different worlds. The workshop came into being in 1993 during the Bosnian war, at the Galina refugee hostel in Vorarlberg, Austria. The unique textile creations are designed by Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger in Bregenz and are then hand-sewn by eleven women in Goražde and Sarajevo. After more than 20 years, the Bosna Quilt Werkstatt (Workshop) has found a home in Bregenz: if you want to see Bosna Quilts, there is now a place to do so. But they will still be shown in exhibitions.

29/2012, sewn by Munira Karo, 1/14

133/2009, sewn by Mirza Mašić, 2/14

69/2008, sewn by Hedija Kazagić, 3/14

59/2012, sewn by Ševala Hadžimesić, 4/14

33/2013, sewn by Vesna Malokas, 5/14

90/2011, sewn by Emina Hošo, 6/14

16/2011, sewn by Safira Hošo and Hedija Kazagić, 7/14

49/2008, sewn by Sabina Dolo and Safira Hošo, 8/14

75/2009, sewn by Ćamila Sudić, 9/14

100/2009, sewn by Mirza Kozo, 10/14

23/2009, sewn by Hedija Kazagić and Safira Hošo, 11/14

95/2011, sewn by Safira Hošo and Hedija Kazagić, 12/14

41/2013, sewn by Sada Srna, 13/14

101/2011, sewn by Safira Hošo, 14/14

The picture booklets

are four lovingly compiled thematic booklets as a boxed set. With pictures and texts covering the history of the Bosna Quilt Werkstatt for more than 20 years. From March 2019, the second print run of our booklets is available again. ISBN 9783990182390.

“Zuhause”, “An der Drina”, “Am Bodensee”, “Bregenz–Goražde”, 1/3

Texts and portraits of all participants enrich each booklet, 2/3

“Am Bodensee”: glimpses of the design process, 3/3