Quilting stitches by Ćamila Sudić (all photos: Laurenz Feinig), 1/13

Emina Hošo, 2/13

Hedija Kazagić, 3/13

Mirza Kozo, 4/13

Mirza Mašić, 5/13

Hedija Kazagić, 6/13

Sabina Dolo, 7/13

Munira Karo, 8/13

Sada Srna, 9/13

Safira Hošo, 10/13

Ševala Hadžimesić, 11/13

Vesna Malokas, 12/13

Mirza Kozo, 13/13

What quilts are

A quilt is a blanket or bedspread that consists of three layers. For the quilt top, small pieces of fabric are sewn together to form what is known as the patchwork. The backing is made of a single length of material. Warm insulation fleece is used for the padding. The three layers are joined using quilting stitches that give the finished quilt its characteristic three-dimensional surface. This technique of turning left-over fabric scraps into warm, sturdy blankets can be found in many parts of the world. Quilts are born of scarcity — their beauty lies in their simplicity and formal sparseness.

131/2009, sewn by Vesna Malokas, 1/14

99/2011, sewn by Mirza Mašić, 2/14

57/2009, sewn by Munira Karo, 3/14

8/2010, sewn by Sada Srna, 4/14

63/2006, sewn by Ševala Hadžimesić, 5/14

64/2009, sewn by Vesna Malokas, 6/14

13/2013, sewn by Ševala Hadžimesić, 7/14

94/2011, sewn by Safira Hošo, 8/14

18/2010, sewn by Ćamila Sudić, 9/14

9/2011, sewn by Sada Srna, 10/14

4/2011, sewn by Munira Karo, 11/14

7/2012, sewn by Sada Srna, 12/14

8/2010, sewn by Mirza Kozo, 13/14

18/2007, sewn by Emina Hošo, 14/14

How Bosna Quilts are made

Each Bosna Quilt is the work of two women. The composition of colours and materials for the patchwork is in the hands of Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger in Bregenz. The quilting is done by hand by eleven Bosnian women in Goražde based on their own designs. In the two decades since the project was first launched, each woman has developed her own distinct artistic style: the expressive, almost wild stroke of Mirza Kozo, the precise geometric patterns of Sada Srna, the finely structured, flowing lines of Emina Hošo, to mention only a few.

How to tell it’s a Bosna Quilt

Each Bosna Quilt is a unique hand-made creation. All quilts from our workshop have a label with the artist’s signature and the year of creation stitched on the reverse.

What kinds of materials we use

For the outer layers, we select fine fabrics from various manufactures like Getzner or Oakshott. To emphasise the designs, the threads made by Amann are a little heavier than ordinary quilting threads.